Provide Smart LED Driver Chips to the Automotive Market for Dynamic Lighting Solutions

ISELED Alliance

Open Alliance to provide complete systems solution for smart LED, initially targeting automotive interior lighting

Smart LED Driver Chip
ISELED Concept




Application and
Lighting SW


System Concept

  • Communication µC to first chip is single ended (5V signaling)
  • Communication between chips is differential
  • Decision making during initialization

ISELED - Smart LED Chain

  • LED Module with RGB LEDs and Smart LED driver chip with advance communication link
    • One small 3x4mm package
    • Significant system cost reduction
  • Calibration of LEDs and during production process of LED module
    • no binning classes, no bar coding : calibration data stored in Smart LED driver chip
    • system assembly using LED module from the tape with guaranteed parameters
  • Bi-directional communication between µC and Smart LED module with lowest latencies
    • EMI robust design based on 2Mbit/s communication : no dedicated clock
    • LED temperature and damage can be diagnosed individually by µC
    • efficient use of bandwidth due to individual addressing of each Smart LED

Ambient Light Chain

Cluster instrument

Functional Lighting

Provide Most Reliable Digital Multichannel SerDes Solution to the Automotive Market

System Concept

  • Uncompressed video + audio + data + Ethernet signal
  • Can be transmitted by Coax, STP, QSTP cables

APIX system application Example

  • Used APIX3 solution
  • Transmitted 3K video Including Ethernet service

APIX Series

APIX3 – 3rd generation Automotive PIXel Link
  • 12 Gbps or dual 6 Gbps downlink
  • AShell for protected data transfer
  • 187 Mbit/s uplink
  • Video, Audio, Data(SPI, I2C), Ehternet, GPIO
  • QSTP, STP, Coax
  • HDMI 1.4a & Dual DSI 1.2 interface
  • APIX2 Legacy Support
  • 3 Gbps downlink
  • AShell for protected data transfer
  • 187 Mbit/s uplink
  • Video, Audio, Data(SPI, I2C), Ehternet, GPIO
  • 2 pairs of cable(100Ω)
  • APIX1 Legacy Support
  • 1 Gbps per downlink
  • 2 x 8Mbit/s sidebands
  • 2 pairs of cable(100 Ω)

Major Customer

  • X series, Mini, I8, I3, etc…
  • Scalable Infotainment Architecture
  • Single or multiple APIX2 Display Links to CID, Cluster, HUD, RES
  • Land Rover Discovery, Evoque, Jaguar XE, XF, F-pace, etc…
  • Cluster, Infotainment and Head-up
  • Advanced Displays, Dual View
  • Several APIX2 Links
  • Mobile Gateway with APIX2
  • Console Displays, Daisy Chained
  • V60, V90, XC60, XC90, etc…
  • Advanced Cluster and Infotainment
  • Several APIX2 Links
  • Latest Connectivity features