• Optimized 2-chip camera design
  • APIX "Ecoline" for smallest form-factor
  • Real-time video stream
  • Full remote control of APIX Transmitter
    and Lmage Sensor
  • 1.5Gbps up 25m, MAX 3Gbps up to 12m
  • Low power consumption < 400mw
  • Support HD(1280x720p) and Full HD(1920x1080p)
  • Small 92-pin aQFN package 8X8
  • I2C Master, served by I2C jobs through Ashell
  • SPI, Low latency GPIOs,I2S Audio interface
  • Programmable Clock output to eliminate the need for another clock source
  • 16bit parallel Video interface+Hsync, Vsync,PCLK
  • Cable length of up to 20m at 1.5Gbps mode(MAX 3Gbps, 12m)
  • 187.5mbps Upstream Link Bandwidth
  • I2C Master Interface, SPI, I2S for Audio
  • Configurable GPIOs for LOW latency signaling
  • Ashell for protected data transfer(CRC)
  • Programmable Clock output
  • 100-pin 9X9 aQFN, Low EMI