PUF (Physical Unclonable Function) is a physical property based on the molecular structure variation of same materials. The variation causes sophisticated differences generated the manufacturing process.

Working Principle

PUF maintains its uniqueness throughout the manufacturing process. The functionality of PUF is based on a challenge-response mechanism in which the mapping between a challenge and the corresponding response is dependent on the complex and variable nature of a physical material.

Working Structure

Secured Data Encryption in PUF Solution
PUF supports the secured working structure of a system

  • Random value for unique ID
  • Possesses naturally created "private key" that never leaves the chip
  • Does not utilize Memory and BUS in order to prevent hacks
  • Instant data encryption/decryption of "key"
  • Session-based key generation

Architecture & Form Factors

Seamless System Design for Direct & Instant Cryptography
PUF provides as various form factors

PUF Features : Non-repudiation

Non-repudiation structure is gratified with the electronic signature PUF value never leaves the chip; unique PUF value makes the carrier of the PUF the only possible transaction maker

PUF Features : Distribution of Liability

Server-side liability is greatly reduced PUF enables “each device generates its own private key”; server only checks the validation of the device throughout the public key communication