Vina Tech - Supercapacitor Solution

VINATech, a Hy-Cap® brand, develops and manufactures eco-friendly supercapacitors surpassing global standards of UL, ISO/TS, and RoHS.

Hy-Cap is an energy storage device that stores instantly a large volume of electric energy and supplies instantly or continuously higher current, by the mechanism of absorbing and de-absorbing electric charge. Hy-Cap’s are made of activated carbons ,processed in an eco-friendly method, which features higher power, density and longer life.

VINATech has been mass-producing the market leading 3.0V EDLC family since 2010 featuring 23% higher energy density than the traditional 2.7V EDLC, VINATech is also the only manufacturer of a hybrid capacitor which uses PC electrolytes. VINATech leads the world, in the production capacity for manufacturing radial supercapacitors of 1F to 1000F class.

Hy-Cap Solutions

Hy-Cap products offer a wide range of options to meet a wide range of applications, varying in voltage, capacitance, terminal type and performance.

Rated voltage Hy-Cap models Description
2.3V Hy-Cap Hybrid Higher energy density
2.5V, 2.7V, 3.0V Hy-Cap EDLC Higher power
Terminal type Hy-Cap models Description
Lead type Hy-Cap lead terminal type Hybrid or
Snap-in type Hy-Cap snap-in terminal type Hybrid or EDLC
Axial type Hy-Cap axial terminal type EDLC
Type of application Hy-Cap models Description
Hy-Cap single cell Hy-Cap single cell Hybrid or EDLC
2-serial module Hy-Cap lead terminal type module 2-serial sleeve type module
2-serial epoxy-molded type module
Customized module Hy-Cap customized module PCB assembly type module
Molded-case type module
Metal-case type module

**Customized modules are available by optimizing the capacitance, voltage, current, and size, based on the customer's requests and application area.

Details of Hy-Cap certifications

Certification Certification No. Description
UL MH48256 Certified for US Safety Standards
ISO/TS 16949 0240429 TSS-0237 Standards for quality systems of all enterprises within the supply channel of auto industry
ISO-14001 EMS-0757 International standards for environmental management systems applied to all industrial sectors

Hy-Cap application areas

Hy-Cap products can be used in a growing number of applications. You can also zoom in the photo by clicking on it.

Smart meters / Network equipment
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ +85℃
  • permanent and no maintenance service required
Automotive after-market products
  • For navigation systems or black box memory backup
  • Compensate peak power for car audio woofers
  • Responds to momentary blackouts
  • Compensates peak power
    • UPS: Uninterruptible Power Supply
    • DVR: Dynamic Voltage Restorer
Solar street lamps
  • A solar energy storage device
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ +85℃
  • Semi permanent and no maintenance service required
Emergency lamps
  • Semi permanent and no maintenance service required
  • Excellent stability in an emergency
Wind turbine
  • Compensates peak power for pitch control
  • Semi permanent and no maintenance service required
Regenerative Energy storage device
  • Hybrid electric cars, suitable for an elevators or railway vehicles
  • Reduce energy cost and CO2 emissions
Other applications
  • Motor running geared toy
  • Open and close actuator valves
  • Solid State Drives