Satellite antenna

The Mission: Saturn SpaceDeveloper

Revolutionize Satellite Industry

Combining heritage technology with innovative additive manufacturing to achieve the lowest cost access to Space

Vertical Integration of Services

Full satellite value chain: Design, Manufacturing and Provision of Services at all orbits GEO HTS Constellation: Space Broadband Networks

Patented NGSO Programs

DirectoMobile Earth Observation Internet Routing in Space

The Satellite Platforms

Intelligent Space Node
  • World’s lowest cost GEO platform using 100% heritage components
  • Direct to GSO launch injection
  • 6 satellites per launch to GSO
  • ~500kg, ~75 Gbps
  • ~6kW payload power (typical)
  • Ka-band with dynamic beam generation and channelization
  • Most affordable small GEO satellite
  • PartnershipwithSWISSto12
  • Ride-share on GTO launches
  • ~450kg
  • 2kW (payload power)
  • 20-30 Gbps HTS Ka
  • Ka-band with dynamic beam generation and channelization
  • Funded by ESA Q1 2022
  • Ka, Ku, C &/or Q/V-Bands
  • Based on HISat bus (Hyper-Integrated Satlet)
  • ~4kW (payload) satellites delivered to GTO
  • Substantially less mass (1/2) and cost (1/2 to 3/4) of equivalent satellite systems
  • Digital & analog payloads
  • GTO mission as rideshare
  • PDRAchievedinQ4 2019

Key Service Patents for LEO

Direct to Mobile Earth Observation
  • US Patent
  • Mobile Terminal initiates and receives EO processed in orbit from a globally connected EO constellation
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) IP Routing in Space
  • US Patent
  • Public IP traffic is relayed by a constellation of satellites to relay internet traffic on the earth and in Space

Underlying Technologies Proven Platforms and Digital SDR payloads


ISN LEO – High Powered Flexible Payload LEO Satellite

  • Flexible satellite for Remote Sensing, Communications, Science and Navigation in Low-Earth orbit
  • Two KilowattLEO Platform capacity
  • Unique triple processor design for resilience and secondary processing capabilities
  • Platform systems and components with deep space heritage and proven flight software
  • Full suite of ground software and spacecraft simulations
  • Flatsat for hardware in-the-loop verification
  • Recurring production cost estimates
      <$5M per satellite for low quantity <$3M per satellite for 100+ systems
  • Export licenses for advanced payloads to be provided
  • ISN LEO will be the most powerful and lowest cost LEO system built in Korea
  • Saturn isseekinga Strategic Partner to invest ~ $10M to develop ISN LEO for Exclusive Domestic Production


  • 9 months activity to Architectural Design completion and Preliminary Design Review
  • PDR activity includes provision of flatsat and simulations to Korea
  • 24-month build program for demonstrator satellite(s)
  • Build program in Korea for Platform and spacecraft levels
  • Initial constellation operational within 2 years of demonstrator flight
  • Export license approval for payload components within PDR program
  • International markets and collaboration potential

Production Facilities in Korea


Local partner will source and build suitable facilities for satellite integration and testing

  • A cleanroom of class 100,000 or better with floor area not less than 30m2
  • A clean tent or area of class 10,000 or better for work on exposed optics
  • Lifting devices, test stands and other mechanical devices
  • Comprehensive toolkit and test analysis devices (scopes, analysers etc.)
  • Computing and IT equipment (servers, PCs etc.) and network
  • Specific SCOE and EGSE equipment will be recommended/provided
  • Access to environmental test facilities to be procured

ISN LEO industrialisation


We will industrialiseand cluster all elements of the platform development

  • Transfer of technology for the core elements of the platform avionics
    • On-board computer and data-handling
    • Power management
    • Software and simulations
  • Local existing suppliers for items such as spacecraft harness, MLI, structure etc. clustering for supply chain efficiencies
  • In-sourcing of equipmentsand components including solar-array production, propulsion, TT&C and other major elements
  • A complete industrial complex for smallsatplatform production
  • >

Industrialisation is driven by volume purchasing power

ISN LEO industrialisation


The FPSS platform is designed to enable various payloads to be embarked, with the first spacecraft constellations specifically tailored to the governmental services market

  • Communications payloads for secure and reliable global communications capabilities
  • GNSS enhancement payloads to give an affordable national navigation and timing system
  • Earth Observation payloads in optical, radar and thermal bands including our unique ability to deliver real-time optical imagery to the ground user without the latency of a ground station

In-orbit demonstration programs for each of the above systems can be produced to show the capabilities prior to full constellation manufacture

Global secure communications


Dedicated global constellation for secure government communications

  • Using government allocated frequencies –including X-band
  • Global persistent coverage
  • On-board transmission systems close the link to ground handheld
  • On-board security systems including anti-jamming frequency hopping, high level crypto
  • Robust constellation less vulnerable than single geo-satellite

A global secure communications capability at an affordable cost

Low-Earth Orbit Navigation Augmentation


A global augmentation solution for navigation, positioning and timing

  • SBAS (Satellite-Based Augmentation of Signals) using LEO rather than GEO satellite systems
  • Increased accuracy for civil and government applications
  • SBAS retransmission of L-band signals means no additional on-board clocks
  • Signal augmentation using worldwide verified positioning sites
  • Timing propagation accuracy verified across the constellation using ISL linking and local correction

SBAS LEO capability can be utilisedby many countries which do not have access or funding for national or regional SBAS Geo-stationary satellite systems

Persistent EO Application Direct to Mobile Users


Security and government specialists need access to real-time information –currently only available to major countries

  • EO instrumentation for monitoring and surveillance
  • On-board processing and rectification removes need for ground station processing and delay
  • On-board transmission systems close the link to ground handheld
  • Saturn Patent for direct Mobile EO transmission to mobile user terminals
  • Tasking system and intelligent on-board mission planning allows individual users to request satellite overwatch at a specific location

Store-and-forward capability for mass surveillance also available with large memory capacity

EO Payload Description


EO payload design uses latest technologies to achieve very high resolutionimaging

  • Sensor package based on latest CMOS Lattice architecture
  • ½ pixel shift processing allow for sub 50cm resolution using a small satellite
  • Raw imaging processed on-board in near real-time including rectification using secondary processor
  • Transmission to user protected and encrypted using military grade standards
  • True near real-time data access

Or future constellation enhancements for 24/7 and night-time capabilities radar (SAR) and Thermal (MWIR/LWIR) instrumentation can be considered

ISN Development Budget~ $10M

  • Strategic Partner will provide a development contract to Saturn for $10M: $7M in program costs and $3M Royalty
    • Design: Structure, mechanical, data processing, communications payload and ground architecture
    • Avionics and TC&R software suite
    • Definition of Optical, Navigation and Communications Payloads
    • On board software defined radio definition and training
    • Full documentation
    • Flatsat & Satellite mockup
  • Strategic Partner will have exclusive production rights for domestic commercial and government programs
  • Saturn will have production rights for global programs
  • Post the program completion Saturn will supply international components to Strategic Partner at MFN rates
  • Saturn will supply on-going engineering and support services based on time & materials basis to CDR & Production
  • Other business models can be considered based on feedback