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Focusing on Long-life Cycle Products

Smart Home
Consumer Electronics
MCU, Security MCU
Industry Control
Smart Energy
SoC-eSE, MPU, Security MCU
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APM32 Roadmap


Geehy Target & Market Layout

Automotive & New Energy
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    Launched the automotive-grade MCU that complies with the ISO26262 functional safety standard, and launched the automotive-grade sensors.
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    Strategic layout in ECU market, BMS system, lidar applications, etc.
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    In-depth cooperation with domestic OEMs and Tier 1 supporting factories, and full coordination in product definition, iterative upgrade and application verification.
Industrial & Security
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    Accelerate the research and development of MCU/SoC, network communication security IC, mixed signal analog IC and sensor IC.
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    Expand the application of products in the fields of electric power, new energy, smart coal mine, and carbon neutrality, and allocate more customer support and technical support resGeehyces.
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    Fully cooperate with partners in industrial application solutions and verification to form an controllable industrial chain in chip design, key IP, packaging, testing and production capacity.
Consumer Electronics
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    Keep up with market trends and use a broad product portfolio (MCUs, sensors) to meet the diverse needs of smart home market applications.
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    Focus on mid-to-high-end smart home appliances, personal consumer electronics with customized solutions.
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    Fully cooperate with customers in product definition, iterative upgrade and application verification to provide reliable quality, long-life-cycle products and services.

Geehy Roadmap (Industrial MCUs)


Geehy Roadmap (Automotive MCUs)


*A full range of automotive MCUs, passed AEC-Q100 automotive certification

Automotive & New Energy Layout


Layout of microcontrollers, sensors, and battery management for new energy vehicles

Automotive General-purpose MCUs Automotive Dedicated Interfaces & Sensors
  • A full range of automotive MCUs, covering Arm® Cortex®-M0/M3/M4/M7 and A53 cores.
  • Comply with various automotive grade
  • certifications: such as AEC-Q100, functional safety (ISO26262) up to ASIL D.
  • Rich digital and analog peripheral interfaces and modules with independent IP.
  • Vehicle network interface ICs
  • Dedicated ICs for battery management
  • High-precision sensor signal processing
  • Dedicated encryption ICs for automotive communication
  • Dedicated ICs for automotive power
Automotive Dedicated MCUs Solutions
  • A dedicated motor control IC that integrates MCU and LIN transceiver. The product integrates a variety of analog and digital peripheral interfaces, with full functions and small size
  • Automotive engine control dedicated IC with multiple Arm® M7 cores that meets ASIL D level
  • Overall solution for battery management
  • Motor Control Solutions
  • In-vehicle communication safety ground preparation solution
  • Reversing radar and autonomous parking radar product overall solution

Industrial & Security Layout


Achieve effective breakthroughs in key chips in the industrial field

Industrial Control MCUs SoC-eSE Security Controller &
Network Communication IC
  • Arm® Cortex®-M0+/M3/M4 core
  • Industrial enhanced international standard
  • Operating temperature -40℃~105℃, ESD up to 8KV
  • IEC61508 SIL3 certified

Application Field: Motor drive, inverter, HMI, building control, elevator control, etc.

  • Based on the China’s C-SKY multi-core security encryption architecture
  • Coprocessor: DSP/ASIP/NPU/GPU
  • eSE embedded security technology
  • Cryptographic security engine, trusted architecture

Application Field: Smart energy, distribution network equipment, numerical control devices, network terminals, printers, etc.

Industrial Servo Drive & Motor Control Solution High Performance Mixed Signal Analog IC
  • Servo Drive
    • Control algorithm
    • Current loop bandwidth ≥ 3.2KHz, speed loop bandwidth ≥ 800Hz
    • Flexible software architecture and expansion space
  • Motor Control
    • BLDC motor control dedicated SoC
    • Motor control algorithm library

Application Field: Servers, inverters, CNC machine tools, industrial robots, industrial terminal equipment, etc.

  • High performance operational amplifier - electrochemical sensor
  • High-precision ADC, high-speed ADC architecture
  • Provide customized encryption design
  • Provide mixed signal analog and digital-analog hybrid IC and system solutions

Application Field: Intelligent hardware, industrial infrastructure, 5G base stations, communication modules.

Consumer Electronics Layout


Promote energy- saving, efficient and intelligent development of high-end consumer electronics

High-end Consumer MCUs BLE5.1 SoC Motor Control Solutions
  • Arm® Cortex® -M0+/M3/M4 cores
  • Low power consumption, high performance, high stability
  • Operating temperature -40℃~ 105℃, ESD up to 8KV
  • IEC61508 SIL3 certified and USB-IF test certifiedv

Application Field: Smart home appliances, medical equipment, access control systems, smart lighting, etc.

  • Dual-core architecture: Arm® Cortex®-M4F + domestic CK802
  • Support AoA/AoD positioning, MESH networking, transparent transmission, OTA
  • Excellent RF characteristics and anti-interference performance

Application Field: Wearable devices, medical devices, location services, human-computer interaction, etc.

  • BLDC motor control dedicated SoC
  • Motor Control Algorithm Library
  • Fast response speed, wide application range, low solution steady-state error
  • Pr ovide industry-specific production-grade reference designs

Application Field:
Inverter home appliances,
cordless vacuum cleaners,
fitness equipment,
electric bicycles,
power tools, etc.

APM32 ToolChain

Development Tools
Operating System
F103/F407 F103
Image Image
Hardware Tools

The Geehy-Link is a CMSIS-DAP compatible debugger/ programmer which allows developers to debug applications from a host computer directly to an APM32 via a micro-USB cable.


Support development via the J-Link emulator


The APM32-Programmer is a stand alone programmer for use with the APM32-PROG UI software application. This device allows a user to execute several operations to manipulate the contents of the internal flash within an APM32.